Creative Mindfulness

Workshop by Sana Lohi on March 23, from 11 am to 2pm.

Mindfulness practice is usually done by focusing on the breath or sensations in the body. With such a strong focus on body, breath, and the specific activities of creating— people generally find it much easier to become absorbed into what they’re doing and then rest in that state of “calm abiding,” remaining there for longer and with less effort. The creative process is a window into our cognitive tendencies—how well we are conducting the orchestra – and a chance to practice non-judgment and self-compassion, especially when things don’t turn out perfectly. Like this, balancing the art of the creative process also becomes a process of balancing our minds.

Through this workshop you will understand:

• What mindfulness is?

• Difference between mindfulness & mindlessness

• View point of your life

• Neuroscience & Brain connection

• How mindfulness can boost creativity

• Creative mindfulness through Art

The cost/student is 350 AED

The workshop will be in English.

Call today 0544426598 to reserve your spot.

It’s required to pay in advance by bank transfer:


  • Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery

  • Bank: Emirates Islamic

  • Account Number: 3708291836101

  • IBAN: AE 520340003708291836101

  • Swift Code: MEBLAEADRIQ

  • Branch Name: El Al Riqa

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