Khalid Shahin

Khalid Shahin is a full-time artist, sculptor and product designer. Through time his experimentation led him to combine and integrate Text-Art and Arabic calligraphy with his abstract paintings as well as his unique sculptures to reflect the fibre qualities of paint, elevating his modern sculptures to new levels.

Shahin creates spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries employing his unique vision to the beauty of the Arabic Calligraphy as an outstanding inspiration material and tool, in its infinitely subtle, curves and intricate patterns. He believes that forms in nature become a language in the geometry of consciousness at every scale and it is from this diversity of phenomenal lifeforms that Art emerges. His artistic focus is to elegantly fuse the richness of traditional Arabic letters, shapes and curves with the innovative spirit of a modern renaissance.

Shahin’s paintings are inventive in their forms as he has taken his art far beyond the limitations of the status quo, into an altogether unprecedented realm. By devising special techniques which allow his artwork to be constructed in nearly any shape, the form of the canvas itself becomes suited to adequately fulfil the depth of his visions. In the joyous exploration of creative freedom, elegant forms, curves and impossible angles emerge in his two- and three-dimensional work. This versatility spans genre and medium alike, allowing the artist full access to the brilliant splendour of unlimited creation.

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