Aisha Alabbar

As any eager photographer, when I started photography in the year 2008, I tried out various types of photography to learn more. As any passionate photographer seeking for professionalism, I realized I had to find myself through my artwork.

With time I realized I could transmit emotions, stories, and thoughts through my talent, and that made me fall in love with “Conceptual Photography”. I am also interested in “Street life”, the spontaneous shots that could be achieved through this type of photography can hold tremendous meaning. Having the chance to speak through my pictures made me appreciate the value of my talent more

I started as a student and will always continue my journey as a student, because I strongly believe that an artist can never know enough. There is always a space for more creativity and knowledge. That is why I find it important to participate in different workshops and lectures that I trust will benefit me. I will also continue my dream of showing my artwork to the world. My aim is to inspire and show the universe the strength a picture can hold.

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