Creativity in Quarantine

Creativity in Quarantine

The COVID-19 outbreak and consequent mandate stay at home is having a disastrous effect on many industries. As businesses close their doors in a unified attempt to slow the spread of the virus, those whose livelihoods depend on in-person interactions are closeted behind these directives and face both financial and personal struggles.

This is felt keenly among artists and the institutions that serve them. In the wake of mass venue closures, more than the disappointment, however, is the loss of revenue and unable to host their Artwork.

Our team are working to mitigate the effects the current lockdown protocols have had on the artists around the Globe. Even though a personal thing will be missing, which is an aspect critical to an artist’s success its always great to use Social Media at the moment. To safeguard stay at home, make art and to show and share it at the end.

How Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery is capturing Art

To provide a calming force during these times of uncertainty the gallery in collaboration with Room Five Creative Facility gives an opportunity to Artists, a casual open call for work themed around the actual situation the whole world is going through and it spans across multiple disciplines: Painting, digital art, installations, photography, short films, etc. and if you’d like to help us share some love, please email us a high-resolution image or a link of your work along with a short bio, a small work rational, and your social media handles to –

Feature image : Covid-19 and US by Artist Parisa Dehban

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