The Boutique offers unique customized products, carefully chosen to meet the atmosphere and the character of the gallery. 

We love supporting artists work and we hope to keep a long term relationship with all of them and to create new collaborations with new artists in the future.

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At the gallery is also available in English the catalog of the exhibition "Dubai meets the world".

All the products that we sell at the gallery are unique pieces, inspired by some of the artworks made by the artists Martina Fontana, O.SouskeLaura Iniesta and Ahmed Abdelfattah part of the current exhibition "Dubai meets the world".

We also have a collaboration with an Egyptian artist Miriam Hathout, who will come to Dubai during Art Dubai to present some of her artworks.

She will prepare special masterpieces only for our gallery and we will have soon customized products as well.


Saturday to Thursday: 10 am - 6 pm
Aisha Alabbar boutique is closed on Friday
Special openings during events planned after 6 pm or on Fridays


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