The renowned and award-winning modern Egyptian artists Georgie Bahqoury, Guirguis Lorfy, Samir Fouad, Sayed Abd Elrasoul and Sayed Saad ELDin will be showcasing their selection of masterpieces exclusively in the gallery. 


In addition, the gallery is privileged to showcase The Ttribute Sculpture of

H.H Shiekh Zayed Bin Sultan AlNahyan

by the contemporary egyptian artist Ahmed Abdel Fattah


Among other contemporary artists from around the world, Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery is honored to present the works of:


Ahmed Abdel Fattah Youssef

Abedel Aziz Elmahdy

Blu Smith

Britt Boutros Ghali

Eiman Elgibreen

Fahad AlNaymah

Habby Khali

Hend Adnan

Iveta Bencova

Karima Alshomaly

Laura Iniesta

Martina Fontana

Matilde Tibuzzi

Maysa Mohamed

Najlaa Alsaleem

Nazir Tanbouli

Patrizia Polese

Romany Hafez

Shrouq Bint Fahad


Talal Altukhaes

Aisha Alabbar, the founder of the Art Gallery, will also be presenting one of her latest artwork “perception”, Alabbar has been specializing in the art of photography since 2008.

The opening of the art gallery was a dream that attracts the artistic energies around the world to be the meeting point of the arts of all kinds and fields.


For more info:
+971 50 242 4811