Shalimar Sharbatly Brings her Moving Art to Dubai

Shalimar Sharbatly Brings her Moving Art to Dubai

Fouzia Azzab (Arabic editor- Forbes Middle East)

Shalimar Sharbatly, avant guard international artist, has exhibited her recent creations  in the Gulf for the first time, at the Moving Art Gallery in Dubai.

With beautiful details and vibrant colors, Shalimar chose to hand draw her signature art on the unique and chosen selection of “Brand Shalimar” leather bags, shoes and jackets carefully chosen from some of the most elegant international brands.

Saudi Arabian business woman, stylist and image consultant, Wafa Aldekhail, general manager of the My Choices foundation and Artyles, organized the exhibition. “Shalimar decided to transfer her talent from her paintings to normal movable objects. At first, she drew on vehicles such as Borsch and Ferrari cars as well as Yamaha motorcycles. Then, she moved onto fashion through painting on jackets and jewelry. It took her almost six months to finish one of her designed necklaces made up of six types of diamond rocks,” said Aldekhail.

The gallery also exhibited pieces of the world’s finest and purest natural leather, exclusively designed for Italian company “FOGLIZZO” to be used in its elegant cars and formula one racing car leather. Shalimar and “FOGLIZZO” agreed to display a large piece of hand-drawn art on natural leather in the gallery. This will be displayed on cars participating in Formula 1 in Paris.

Aisha Alabbar, owner of the Aisha Alabbar Art Gallery believes that exhibiting unique art from women from the Gulf region, contributes in spreading and broadening the horizon of Moving Art all over the world, making it the focus of everyone’s attention.

Sharbatly is a Saudi Arabian-Egyptian artist seeking to bring life into art through her creations, instead of just letting it be trapped in paintings and hung on walls.